Orange Retail Channel: In-Store channel

Orange made a special channel for their stores where you can understand their offers, products and vision in a fun way. Want to talk about insurance? Let's make a stunt where someone breaks your phone. Want to speak about unlimited music with Deezer? Let's do a karaoke! We were asked by Agence Dagobert to accompany them with the channel identity, intro credits of the shows, ...

Tony’s Chocolonely presents Tony’s Factory!

Tony's Chocolonely is a dutch chocolate brand fighting against the wrong doings in the chocolate industry. Their crazy-fair-slave-free-colorful brand are opening in 2017 a factory right in the middle of Amsterdam. To promote it, they wanted a crazy video explaining the basics and... why not more?

Les Inrocks Festival 2016

To define the art direction of this new edition of Les Inrockuptibles festival, we focused on pure shapes as symbols of a musical & rhythmical representation. All the art direction is thought as animations, where the color range change between supports and subjects, and allow a huge variety of transitions and dynamism.

Mairie de Paris: Que faire à Paris?

For the launch of their new website Que Faire à Paris (What to do in Paris), the Paris cityhall asked for 12 illustrations representing the most common themes of their articles: Agenda, Chilling, Sports, Cheap, Work... Using a strict color range, illustratings deploys as motions on bus stops and big posters on Paris's streets.

Accor Hotels, Planet 21: let’s focus on environment

During the COP21, Accor Hotels Group made a huge move to a global responsible world. They made 21 commitments in favour of sustainable development. Health, nature, carbon, innovation, local development, employment and dialogue: 21 commitments for the well-being of our world.

118 712 – Introducing the sunday night movie

118712 is a "telephonic google". You ask, they say. Before the sunday night movie on TF1, the biggest french TV channel, they diffuse these small "spots" to promote their service. They wanted a colorful and impactant visual to make it visible.

Part Company: make the parrot sing, baby!

GUM (Green United Music) wanted at first a lyrics video. But instead, I tried to animate a singing parrot and... well that worked! Don't look at it as a music video, more as an animated++ cover :) Idiot and fun, that's what we love!

Ouidah: Introducing the museum in… What? Where?

A contemporary museum was about to open in Benin, in Africa. They wanted to create a video illustrated the biiiggest existing museums in order to compare them to an even better one in Benin. Ironically. That's what the voiceover is saying. "In Benin, seriously? Is this a mistake?" is saying Edouard Bear, a french amazing humorist.