Tony’s Chocolonely presents Tony’s Factory!

Tony's Chocolonely is a dutch chocolate brand fighting against the wrong doings in the chocolate industry. Their crazy-fair-slave-free-colorful brand are opening in 2017 a factory right in the middle of Amsterdam. To promote it, they wanted a crazy video explaining the basics and... why not more?

Mairie de Paris: Que faire à Paris?

For the launch of their new website Que Faire à Paris (What to do in Paris), the Paris cityhall asked for 12 illustrations representing the most common themes of their articles: Agenda, Chilling, Sports, Cheap, Work... Using a strict color range, illustratings deploys as motions on bus stops and big posters on Paris's streets.

Sosh Freestyle Cup 2016

The Sosh Freestyle Cup brings on 6 days the best international riders to assume an amazing sport event with 7 sports: Skateboard, Bmx, Kitesurf, Windsurf, Paddle and the Bowl Skateboard World Cup. This event in Marseille, France allow people to try and have fun with these all 6 extreme sports.