Les Inrocks Festival 2016

To define the art direction of this new edition of Les Inrockuptibles festival, we focused on pure shapes as symbols of a musical & rhythmical representation. All the art direction is thought as animations, where the color range change between supports and subjects, and allow a huge variety of transitions and dynamism.

Green Barbès: homemade cosmetics from Paris

Let’s put our imagination at work; let’s try to design a way to create our future, where the notion of progress would have a new meaning. Action would be real, sensible, direct: I am MAKING something. This effort, GREEN BARBÈS made it, and now presents its own definition of the future. Green Barbès is hosted by Clémentine & Hélène and presents DIY Cosmetics kit inspired by their vision of Paris and the future: ecologic, pure and empowering.

A.K.A: Arty Farty x Alias are joining forces!

A.K.A (est. 2015) is a French international booking and production agency. A.K.A is the fruit of a collaboration between Arty Farty (organiser of the Nuits Sonores festival) and Alias (France's top booking agency), uniting the two organisations' skills. A.K.A develops a new catalogue to connect constancy and commitment, artistic high-standards and professional rigor.


Visual identity for 84.Paris, advertising agency. They needed a swiss-inspired clean and bold sign. Silkscreen on raw cardboard, and various supports.