Orange Retail Channel: In-Store channel

Orange made a special channel for their stores where you can understand their offers, products and vision in a fun way. Want to talk about insurance? Let's make a stunt where someone breaks your phone. Want to speak about unlimited music with Deezer? Let's do a karaoke! We were asked by Agence Dagobert to accompany them with the channel identity, intro credits of the shows, ...

Les Inrocks Festival 2017: let’s make it clear!

For the second consecutive year, Les Inrockuptibles called us to make the global identity of their music (&more) festival. This year, they wanted it to be simple, with a more editorial feeling, recognizable and bold between all the parisian posters on the street.

POPUP! A music, food & drink bar!

POPUP! is a music, food & drink bar restaurant located in the south of Paris. They wanted to make a fun and declinable identity with a strong sign. As they have a (supa'cool) music scene, we print every month a folded program presenting their selection.

The Last Trip of the Majestic: Experimenting around movie props

The Majestic is one of a long list of personal projects which starts and will maybe never see an end. The aim was to create a fake identity of a boat in the 20's for a movie. We want to create the movie titles, and every props used to make the movie. Every, yes. That may be why we never finished it. But stay tuned, we never know :)

Hachette – Du Pain, du Vin, des Oursins!

Hachette, huge book editor in France, asked us to design some pages of their new book (literally Bread, Wine, Sea Urchins!) about Corsica food. We chose to design it with a few colors inspired by Earth colors, countryside inspired, as Corsica is really famous for their natural products. We added some yellow to clear it up a bit, and to refer to Olive Oil.

Hachette: Tokyo cult recipes

This book published by Marabout (Hachette) presents some Japanese best recipes. All along the pages, we designed some illustrations and chapter pages using strong layouts mixing strict japan-ish style and pure elements. We also designed the inside with their inside-team.

Sosh Freestyle Cup 2016

The Sosh Freestyle Cup brings on 6 days the best international riders to assume an amazing sport event with 7 sports: Skateboard, Bmx, Kitesurf, Windsurf, Paddle and the Bowl Skateboard World Cup. This event in Marseille, France allow people to try and have fun with these all 6 extreme sports.

RG Lab : how to make a corporate event colorful?

Aimko was part of the competition to reinvent the RG Lab, a special place for kids experimenting technology VS tennis. The aim was simple: how to make a creative & fun environment which can be colorful but not childish, and fun but corporate. Our answer was to imagine a space where art direction & space design interact together to create a volumic space design.